Kevin Hanson provides communications and corporate affairs analysis, planning, and project- and campaign-implementation services; delivering well targeted, impactful and cost-efficient results.

He can translate the complex and abstract into the comprehensible and persuasive.

Kevin has extensive experience with issues-focused communications, addressing often highly technical and contentious subject matter, and with hands-on management of corporate governance in an association context. This equips him to help clients meet specialized objectives through diverse services.

A skilled writer and content developer – with broad knowledge of communications principles and practices – Kevin can also advance more general profile-raising and marketing objectives. He provides project-management discipline and is able to mobilize other specialized expertise as required.

  Client Objectives   Services Provided
  Issues & Advocacy Communications:
  Promote and generate support for issues-   related positions and policy objectives,   commonly in the context of broader   government-relations campaigns
  • Media relations
  • Op-ed placements
  • Stakeholder outreach and mobilization
  • Speech writing and presentation     development
  • Policy/position paper and briefing note     development
  • Issues-specific monitoring, research and     analysis
  • Targeted polling, advertising and social     media outreach
  Performance Reporting:
  Communicate organizational performance   and value creation, consistent with current   stakeholder expectations, best practices   and widely accepted standards
  • Sustainability report development (turnkey     services)
  • Sustainability report assessment
  • Annual report development
  • Investor communications materials    (publicly traded context)
  • Public sector performance reports
  • Business plan writing
  • Relationship-management with CSR     analysts and rankers
  Association Governance:
  Facilitate efficient governance processes,   constructive board-management   interaction, and effective boardroom   representation of member interests
  • Implementation support for major     governance exercises (e.g. nomination and     election processes, AGMs)
  • Governance process-improvement     projects
  • Review and improvement of bylaws and     governance frameworks (e.g. constituency     representation, decision making models,     communications protocols)

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